Whether for an engagement or simply treating yourself to a well deserved shiny gift, looking for jewelry can be a nerve racking event. Can I trust they are not taking advantage of me? Who's interests are they really serving? Before and after becoming involved with jewelry, these have been a couple of the big questions I have heard people whisper to themselves or friends while talking about jewelry. 

Since 2007 I have spent my life learning old and new jewelry techniques. Studying how gems are graded and enhanced by the glimmer of hand made settings created from precious metals. I absolutely love what I do which even as physically and mentally exhausting as it has been developing a fine jewelry company from nothing, the energy for learning only grows exponentially because of the joy I see in my beloved customers. 

I hope to create an experience where the customer leaves with more knowledge about the jewelry process in general. One on one consultations are not simply a sales pitch, I want you to know why things are done the way they are done. The meaning of different diamond grades or the various karats of gold.  I do my best to pass on my love of this art during the whole jewelry process so that you leave enlightened and happy. 



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